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Emerson webinar labels R744, R290 and R717 as likely alternatives to delisted HFCs http://www.r744.com/news/view/6591 http://www.r744.com/news/view/6591 2015-08-25 14:39:02 article Emerson&rsquo;s 14<sup>th</sup> webinar in its E360 series focused on the recent EPA rulings regarding high-GWP HFC delistings and their likely impact on the industry. Japan's quest to lead the world in sustainable HVAC&amp;R featured in first edition of Accelerate Japan http://www.r744.com/news/view/6587 http://www.r744.com/news/view/6587 2015-08-20 11:03:16 article Can Japan lead the world in climate-friendly cooling and heating? Apathetic Australian government urged to action on HFCs, climate change http://www.r744.com/news/view/6586 http://www.r744.com/news/view/6586 2015-08-20 10:32:46 article Described as the worst-performing industrial nation on climate change at the UN talks in Lima last year, Australia has finally awoken from its slumber announcing plans to reduce HFCs by 85% by 2036 and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 26-28 percent below 2005 levels by 2030. MicroGroove Technology Motivates Research on Multi-Unit Air-Conditioning Systems http://www.r744.com/news/view/6584 http://www.r744.com/news/view/6584 2015-08-18 10:00:00 article Model Based on Graph Theory Presented at IIR International Congresses of Refrigeration (ICR2015) in Yokohama, Japan.<br /> <br /> MicroGroove Technology is on display once again at the IIR International Congresses of Refrigeration. The quadrennial Congresses will be held this year in Yokohama, Japan, August 16-22. As a sponsor, the Copper Alliance will exhibit examples of MicroGroove tubes and coils on behalf of its members, including tube supplier members of the International Copper Association (ICA) as well as the Japan Copper Development Association (JCDA).<br /> <br /> In the past four years, MicroGroove has become widely recognized in the ACR industry. Scores of technical papers have been published on its advantages. MicroGroove tubes offer higher heat transfer coefficients and support higher pressures compared to conventional copper tubes.<br /> <br /> Advances have been made in the development of CoilDesigner<sup>&reg;</sup> software to allow for the simulation of copper tube behavior and to optimize round tube plate fin (RTPF) heat exchanger coils, using smaller diameter, inner-grooved tubes. Most designs of coils made from smaller diameter copper tubes can now be simulated and development is ongoing for a variety of inner-fin geometries.<br /> <br /> MicroGroove is proving especially advantageous in reducing refrigerant volumes, paving the way for the use of refrigerants with low Global Warming Potential (GWP) and ultra-low GPW. The advantages of new copper tube technologies were recently outlined in a two-part paper presented by Yoram Shabtay of Heat Transfer Technologies at the Sixth IIR International Conference on CO<sub>2</sub> and Ammonia Refrigeration Technologies, Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia. A presentation on MicroGroove was also well received at the 2015 ATMOsphere America conference in Atlanta.<br /> <br /> For ICR 2015 in Yokohama, a technical paper titled &quot;A GENERAL STEADY STATE MATHEMATICAL MODEL FOR MULTI-UNIT AIR CONDITIONER SYSTEM BASED ON GRAPH THEORY&quot; will be presented. In this paper, the authors describe a technique for modeling airflow heat exchangers in multi-zone applications. This technique is especially useful when applied to MicroGroove heat-exchanger coils in multi-unit systems. MicroGroove technology has been successfully used in the manufacture of residential air-conditioners for the global market as well as for light-commercial refrigeration systems and large condensers and gas coolers.<br /> <br /> <blockquote> <div>The key benefits of MicroGroove are higher efficiency and less materials usage,&quot; says Masahiko Wada of the Japan Copper Development Association. &quot;We will enjoy sharing the latest technologies with researchers from around the world in Yokohama and look forward to continuing to share the latest developments in MicroGroove Technology.&quot;</div> </blockquote> <br /> For more information, visit <a href="http://www.microgroove.net" target="_blank">www.microgroove.net</a>. Join the MicroGroove Group on LinkedIn to share your ideas about research directions and product development. <a href="http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Microgroove-4498690" target="_blank">www.linkedin.com/groups/Microgroove-4498690</a>.<br /> <br /> <b>About ICA</b><br /> <br /> The International Copper Association, Ltd. (ICA) is the leading organization for promoting the use of copper worldwide. ICA's mission is to promote the use of copper by communicating the unique attributes that make this sustainable element an essential contributor to the formation of life, to advances in science and technology, and to a higher standard of living worldwide. Visit <a href="http://www.copperinfo.com" target="_blank">www.copperinfo.com</a> for more information about ICA.<br /> Jim Knudsen: U.S. HVAC&amp;R users must think long term http://www.r744.com/news/view/6583 http://www.r744.com/news/view/6583 2015-08-14 15:12:32 article In his guest column for the July-August edition of Accelerate America, experienced refrigeration executive Jim Knudsen laments users of HVAC&amp;R equipment continuing to use chemical refrigerants with known environmental hazards, urging them to instead make the investment in a long-term natural refrigerant solutions that are known, viable and safe. Danfoss webinar shows industry is looking towards naturals in wake of EPA SNAP HFC delistings http://www.r744.com/news/view/6581 http://www.r744.com/news/view/6581 2015-08-14 12:43:13 article On 13 August Danfoss held an interactive webinar on the role of natural refrigerants in the wake of the delisting of several high-GWP HFCs by the U.S. EPA, with a particular focus on hydrocarbons and CO<sub>2</sub>. UPDATE: German automotive body VDA adopts new DIN MAC standards for CO2 http://www.r744.com/news/view/6551 http://www.r744.com/news/view/6551 2015-08-14 12:15:00 article For the first time the German Institute for Standardisation (DIN) has released standards relating to R744 components and MAC systems. Four of the 20 standards are yet to be completed, while 16 have now been published, prompting the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) to strongly supported the move. JD Cooling launches new business promoting natural refrigerants, HFC phase down http://www.r744.com/news/view/6580 http://www.r744.com/news/view/6580 2015-08-13 15:07:58 article Transitioning from a client base heavily equipped with high-GWP HFC technology, JD Industrial Cooling Systems, an arm of the JD Group, was launched to deliver natural refrigerant systems including ammonia and CO<sub>2</sub> to a wider market. Refrigeration market set to grow two-fold from by 2020 http://www.r744.com/news/view/6579 http://www.r744.com/news/view/6579 2015-08-13 11:19:02 article <div>From 2014 to 2020 the global commercial refrigeration system market is estimated to double and register double digit CAGR, according to a new research report.</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>North America is the dominant commercial refrigeration system market in terms of revenue share followed by APAC and Europe.<br /> <br /> The report identifies the major players as Hussmann, Dover Corporation, Ingersoll Rand PLC, Daikin, AHT Cooling System GmbH, Traulsen, Berkshire Hathaway Inc, Johnson Controls Inc, and the Panasonic Corporation.<br type="_moz" /> &nbsp;</div> Perfectly ripened bananas http://www.r744.com/news/view/6578 http://www.r744.com/news/view/6578 2015-08-13 09:51:11 article Epta developed Germany's first CO2 - and consequently environmentally friendly - banana ripening system for Matthies &amp; S&ouml;hne Fruchtimport GmbH. The company developed a tailor-made CO2 transcritical system with the wholesaler to provide cooling to the store room, picking spaces and the banana ripening area. The system has a capacity of about 300kW. 2015 GreenChill Achievment Awards http://www.r744.com/events/view/871 http://www.r744.com/events/view/871 2015-08-13 00:00:00 event Please join the EPA's GreenChill Partnership as we honor partner companies for their achievments. This event is being help in conjunction with the 2015 FMI Energy &amp; Store Development Conference.<br /> <br /> Tuesday, September 29 at 7:00am<br /> <br /> Sheraton San Diego Hotel<br /> 1380 Harbor Island Drive<br /> San Diego, CA DOE publishes final rule regarding test procedures for refrigerated vending machines http://www.r744.com/news/view/6574 http://www.r744.com/news/view/6574 2015-08-11 15:45:13 article In a move that will aid CO<sub>2</sub> and hydrocarbon beverage vending machine (BVM) manufacturers and end users, the United States Department of Energy (DOE) has listened to supporting comments from beverage giant Coca-Cola and removed the necessity to test at the 90&deg;F (32.2&deg;C) ambient test condition, while improving the overall test procedure to remove ambiguity. Hillphoenix Ramps Up Transcritical Production http://www.r744.com/news/view/6573 http://www.r744.com/news/view/6573 2015-08-11 12:14:38 article In the July/August edition of Accelerate America,&nbsp;Eduardo Navarro de Andrade of Hillphoenix discusses how they are&nbsp;attracting new end users in North America to the OEM&rsquo;s all-CO<sub>2</sub> refrigeration systems Transcritical CO2 systems handling the heat in Georgia http://www.r744.com/news/view/6572 http://www.r744.com/news/view/6572 2015-08-10 17:14:03 article In a Sprouts store in Georgia, an all-CO<sub>2</sub> system is performing more efficiently than baseline HFC technology. As Accelerate America Editor Michael Garry found out in the July-August edition, the U.S.&rsquo;s increasingly positive stance on natural refrigerants - and CO<sub>2</sub> in particular - is, for the first time in the U.S., taking effect in warm ambient temperatures. Comfortech 2015 http://www.r744.com/events/view/870 http://www.r744.com/events/view/870 2015-08-10 00:00:00 event Comfortech brings together the latest products, trends and business solutions for mechanical contractors involved in HVACR, Hydronics and Plumbing. This national event features conference sessions that educate and inspire business transformation while delivering insight on the latest industry trends that are impacting business owners and service professionals. The Expo environment provides an opportunity to learn more about the latest products that help drive business and boost profitability while connecting attendees with the manufacturers that are responsible for developing those tools and solutions that are critical to success in this ever changing business environment. GUIDE China: Panasonic showcases array of environmentally friendly CO2 heat pump solutions&nbsp; http://www.r744.com/news/view/6571 http://www.r744.com/news/view/6571 2015-08-07 16:10:50 article Although in its infancy, the adoption of CO<sub>2</sub> systems in the world&rsquo;s largest industrial economy, China, continues to gain traction. While HFCs and HCFCs still permeate the market in China, in order to mitigate the effects of climate change it&rsquo;s only a matter of time before sustainable natural refrigerants like CO<sub>2</sub> attain widespread implementation. Natural refrigerant technology can help states comply with Clean Power Plan http://www.r744.com/news/view/6570 http://www.r744.com/news/view/6570 2015-08-07 12:21:00 article On 3 August, the US EPA and President Obama announced the final Clean Power Plan, which aims to reduce carbon pollution from power plants. The Plan has the potential to open new opportunities for the adoption of natural refrigerant technologies. Compressor manufacturer Tecumseh agrees to merger with Mueller Industries http://www.r744.com/news/view/6568 http://www.r744.com/news/view/6568 2015-08-06 17:08:17 article In a deal worth approximately US $123 million (&euro;112.7 million), an affiliation between natural refrigerant equipment manufacturer Mueller Industries and Atlas Holdings will see the new venture acquire compressor manufacturer Tecumseh in a landmark deal.