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Everything R744 http://www.r744.com/rss article company event paper R744.com RSS feed http://www.r744.com/rss http://www.r744.com/themes/r744/img/logo.png 140 70 (c) 2016 R744.com RSS2Writer Sun, 25 Sep 2016 00:31:28 +0200 http://www.r744.com/rss en-gb Sun, 25 Sep 2016 00:31:28 +0200 Countries and companies unite in call to action on HFCs http://www.r744.com/news/view/7176 http://www.r744.com/news/view/7176 2016-09-23 18:13:12 article <p>With a crucial Montreal Protocol meeting just around the corner, political pressure to come to an agreement on phasing down HFCs is mounting.&nbsp; Three important statements made yesterday (22 September) in New York add to the sense of expectation surrounding the meeting, which is to take place in Kigali in the second week of October.</p> 40% HFC reduction by 2030 becomes legal requirement in California http://www.r744.com/news/view/7175 http://www.r744.com/news/view/7175 2016-09-23 17:25:29 article <p>On 19 September, California Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. signed a bill (SB1383) that legally obliges the US state to reduce its emissions of short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs), including hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs).</p> GEA looks forward to &lsquo;creating your success&rsquo; at Chillventa 2016 http://www.r744.com/news/view/7174 http://www.r744.com/news/view/7174 2016-09-23 09:35:27 article <p><em>As our preview coverage of new natural refrigerant products at Chillventa 2016 continues, today the spotlight falls on GEA, one of the largest suppliers of process technology for the food industry and a wide range of other sectors, including compressors and heat pumps for ammonia and CO<sub>2</sub> refrigeration. </em></p> Chillventa 2016:&nbsp;Preview Coverage http://www.r744.com/news/view/7173 http://www.r744.com/news/view/7173 2016-09-22 12:07:16 article Click here for our preview coverage of new natural refrigerant products at the world&rsquo;s premier trade show for refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and heat pump technology: Chillventa 2016. Contractor praises copper-iron pipes as &lsquo;breakthrough&rsquo; for transcritical http://www.r744.com/news/view/7172 http://www.r744.com/news/view/7172 2016-09-22 10:43:00 article Contractor Climate Pros, which this month has been installing a transcritical CO<sub>2</sub> system for a Mariano&rsquo;s supermarket in the Chicago area, is eager to start using copper-iron piping from Mueller Industries for its transcritical installations, said Richard Adkins, vice-president of sales for Climate Pros. Source Refrigeration installing CO2 system for training centre http://www.r744.com/news/view/7171 http://www.r744.com/news/view/7171 2016-09-22 10:00:21 article <p>Source Refrigeration &amp; HVAC, a major U.S. contractor based in Anaheim, California, is in the process of installing a subcritical CO<sub>2</sub> refrigeration system at its headquarters&rsquo; training centre to serve as a technician-training tool.</p> Madagascar trade body promotes natrefs http://www.r744.com/news/view/7168 http://www.r744.com/news/view/7168 2016-09-20 13:05:32 article <p>The Madagasy Union of Refrigeration Technicians (UFM) is running an awareness-raising campaign to promote uptake of natural refrigerants.</p> Careers for women in HVAC&amp;R on Philadelphia conference agenda http://www.r744.com/news/view/7166 http://www.r744.com/news/view/7166 2016-09-20 11:49:51 article <p><em>The 13th Annual Conference for Women in HVAC&amp;R is taking place in the Pennsylvania Convention Center in the US city of Philadelphia today. </em></p> Food Lion hails 'successful' transcritical test http://www.r744.com/news/view/7165 http://www.r744.com/news/view/7165 2016-09-20 10:08:22 article <p>Food Lion, a division of Ahold Delhaize, has found its first transcritical CO<sub>2</sub> installation to be "very successful from a refrigeration standpoint," though the chain is still evaluating the year-old system&rsquo;s energy performance, said Wayne Rosa, energy &amp; maintenance manager, Food Lion (Delhaize America Shared Services).</p> Hannaford plans first transcritical CO2 system for existing store http://www.r744.com/news/view/7164 http://www.r744.com/news/view/7164 2016-09-20 09:36:03 article <p>This December, Hannaford Supermarkets, a division of Ahold Delhaize, will begin installing a transcritical CO<sub>2</sub> refrigeration system in an existing store in Raymond, New Hampshire, its first such retrofit project and one of only a few in the United States.</p> EIA calls on India to reduce HFC emissions in fast-food industry http://www.r744.com/news/view/7163 http://www.r744.com/news/view/7163 2016-09-17 13:41:41 article <p>The EIA yesterday (16 September) called on India to ban the use of HFCs with a global warming potential higher than 1,000 in new refrigeration equipment in multinational food and beverage retailers&nbsp;from 1 January 2018. Meanwhile the Indian government has launched an R&amp;D programme to support natural refrigerants.</p> Danfoss receives AHR Expo innovation award for ejector http://www.r744.com/news/view/7162 http://www.r744.com/news/view/7162 2016-09-16 21:13:08 article <p>Danfoss was named the winner of the 2017 AHR Expo Innovation Award in the refrigeration category for its electrically controlled multi-ejector (CTM), designed specifically for the warm-climate operation of transcritical CO<sub>2</sub> systems in food retail applications.&nbsp;</p> Comfortech 2016 http://www.r744.com/events/view/1100 http://www.r744.com/events/view/1100 2016-09-16 17:11:22 event <p>Comfortech brings together the latest products, trends and business solutions for mechanical contractors involved in HVACR, Hydronics and Plumbing.</p> <p>This national event features conference sessions that educate and inspire business transformation while delivering insight on the latest industry trends that are impacting business owners and service professionals. The Expo environment provides an opportunity to learn more about the latest products that help drive business and boost profitability while connecting attendees with the manufacturers that are responsible for developing those tools and solutions that are critical to success in this ever changing business environment.</p> Data Center World Global 2017 http://www.r744.com/events/view/1099 http://www.r744.com/events/view/1099 2016-09-15 12:31:27 event Join 1,300 participants at Data Center World Global 2016, March 14-18, in Las Vegas, NV, for a real-world approach to converging efficiency, resiliency and agility for data center leadership in the digital enterprise. <br /><br />Data Center World Global 2016 is supported by AFCOM, a leading association for Data Center and IT Infrastructure professionals. Ammonia/CO2&nbsp;stores get GreenChill&rsquo;s &lsquo;Best of the Best&rsquo; award http://www.r744.com/news/view/7161 http://www.r744.com/news/view/7161 2016-09-15 09:29:35 article <p>Two U.S. supermarkets that use ammonia/CO<sub>2</sub> cascade refrigeration systems &ndash; a Whole Foods Market and a Piggly Wiggly &ndash; received the GreenChill Award for &ldquo;Best of the Best&rdquo; certified stores from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency&rsquo;s GreenChill Partnership.</p> Ozone Day 2016: Optimism high for global HFC phase-down deal http://www.r744.com/news/view/7158 http://www.r744.com/news/view/7158 2016-09-15 01:37:49 article <p>As the world prepares to celebrate the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer tomorrow (16 September), hopes are high that a global HFC phase-down agreement will be reached during Montreal Protocol talks in October.</p> Panasonic installs its first CO2 units in Europe http://www.r744.com/news/view/7157 http://www.r744.com/news/view/7157 2016-09-14 11:27:06 article <p>The Japanese company has placed its first CO<sub>2</sub> system in Europe, in a COOP store in Randers, Denmark.</p> Paris Retail Week: &lsquo;Growing&rsquo; demand for CO2 transcritical systems http://www.r744.com/news/view/7155 http://www.r744.com/news/view/7155 2016-09-13 22:10:59 article <p>Market opportunities for CO<sub>2</sub> transcritical refrigeration systems are improving in France, driven by increased demand from supermarket giants like Carrefour, Picard and Intermarche. R744.com reports from Paris Retail Week.</p> Korea: Natrefs for poultry processing http://www.r744.com/news/view/7154 http://www.r744.com/news/view/7154 2016-09-13 09:47:53 article Korean poultry processing company SHINWOO FS is harnessing natural refrigerants CO<sub>2</sub> and ammonia to help slash carbon dioxide emissions with a new heat recovery solution. Built by D&uuml;rr thermea, the system takes back heat from the ammonia cooling machine and thereby successfully links heating and cooling processes. Danfoss unveils ejector for transcritical CO2 to North American food retailers http://www.r744.com/news/view/7153 http://www.r744.com/news/view/7153 2016-09-13 09:02:50 article <p>At the Food Marketing Institute&rsquo;s Energy &amp; Store Development Conference in New Orleans on Sunday, Danfoss introduced an ejector for transcritical CO<sub>2</sub> booster systems to the North American food retail market.</p>