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R744 Gascooler Capillary Design - product development

R744 Gascooler Capillary Design - product development

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from OBRIST Engineering

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OBRIST Engineering



Cross counter flow gas cooler in finless capillary design with high design and application flexibility.This product is developed before delivery and is not a mass product.

Basic specifications:

  • Block Size: on request
  • Surface area: on request
  • Overall Weight: depending on size
  • Fin Density: no fins
  • Tube Profile: capillaries
  • Material: aluminium
  • Fittings: VisCO2nnect single fittings are standard, others on request


  • Finless design
  • Flexible block design
  • Few brazing points
  • Flexible design in all directions (LxWxH)
  • Width can follow CRFM (Condenser, Radiator and Fan Module) design
  • Custom design for optimal packaging

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