• Air-to-water heat pump for commercial use
  • Generates hot water at up to 90°C (without requiring an immersion heater)
  • COP of 4.3

The Q-ton is an air-to-water heat pump for commercial use, featuring a CO2 two-stage compressor with a combination of rotary and scroll compression cycles.

Technical specifications
  • Air-to-water heat pump
  • Monobloc unit with CO2 refrigerant
  • Single unit capacity of 30kW
  • Hot water generation up to 90°C (without the requirement for an immersion heater)
  • COP - 4.3 in intermediate season, 2.8 in cold regions
  • Water amount – 8.97 liter/min in intermediate season, 5.06 liter/min in cold regions
  • Power consumption – 6.98 kW in intermediate season, 10.73 kW in cold regions
  • Hermetic inverter compressor
  • Hot gas defrost
  • Water pressure range of 500 kPa or lower
  • Design pressure – high pressure 14.0 MPa, low pressure 8.5 MPa
  • 3.000 to 100.000L/day configurations

  • Qualified for the Energy Technology List (ETL) and eligible for the Enhance Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme
  • MCS approved, demonstrating the quality of the product and the competence of installers in the renewable technology market
  • High capacity and high efficiency, even at low temperature conditions
  • Easy, user-friendly operation with touch screen panel contro
  • Ability to connect up to 16 Q-ton units for up to 480 kW capacity
  • Hot water can be generated at night using cheap night-time electricity and stored in a cylinder tank for day time use
  • Lower running costs compared to traditional oil or gas boilers
  • Up to six times more efficient than a gas boiler
  • Up to 50% CO2 than a gas boiler
  • Easy-to-use touchscreen controller

It can be used to provide sanitary hot water in a wide range of buildings like:
  • Hotels, restaurants etc. (Horeca)
  • Universities, fitness and leisure centers
  • Hospitals and care homes




Q-ton commercial use heat pump water heater
Q-ton product brochure
Q-ton product brochure

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