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Elba is the answer to environmental concerns as it combines low energy consumption and the use of the natural refrigerant CO2. It is also a protection of investment against cost increase and unavailability of synthetic refrigerants.

Technical specifications

  • High efficiency, due to improved booster design with intercooler and regenerative heat exchanger
  • Standard supply with 45 bar design pressure LP/IP side - 120 bar HP side
  • 12 models availables
  • E4N models are designed for medium temperatureapplicationonly, the E4N-B are the booster version which combines MT and LT refrigeration

See product brochure for more details, characteristics and options.

  • Robust design, compactness and smooth operation, plug and play unit
  • Easy service, all the components are easily accessible
  • Stainless steel piping
  • Low noise
  • Complete automatic backup of critical components for a trouble-free functioning
  • Stepless capacity control with frequency inverter on MT and LT
  • Complete ducting of pressure relief devices
  • Large volume liquid receiver for containment of whole charge
  • Complete protection against risk of liquid at compressor suction
  • Ducting of pressure relief devices to a common header
  • CE/PED marking Cat. IV

  • Commercial refrigeration (large supermarkets and hypermarkets)


ELBA series

High efficiency refrigerating units
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