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The new AIR/GEO Heat family has been specifically designed to produce hot water up to 90°C. The new product combines efficiency with simplicity and the use of the natural refrigerant CO2.

Technical specifications

  • 3 models: AIR & GEO HEAT 18, 24, 48
  • Two different version: air water and water-water
  • High temperature of water output: up to 90°C
  • Standard design pressure 80 bar Lp side - 130 bar HP side

See product brochure for more details, characteristics and options.


  • Low running costs through hot water production over night and lower energy costs
  • Easy installation & servicing: only water and electrical power connection; programmable working times
  • Plug and Play unit / Easy service / Robust design / Smooth operation
  • Compactness
  • Low storage volumes through water heating in a single passage (once-through) passage and use of stratified storage tanks
  • Low noise due to special mounting of compressors and cladding protection
  • Dedicated control logic with COP optimization
  • User friendly with setting keyboard
  • Web Server included for remote monitoring
  • Variable speed
  • Modulating water pump for sanitary applications


  • Hotels, restaurants and canteens
  • Residential complex, sport centers, gyms
  • Hospitals, laundries
  • Agrifood industry



High efficiency heat pumps for sanitary water heating
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