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Everything R744


Basic specifications:

A fully manually and automatic running test rig for the development of CO2 compressors and other CO2 components performing:

  • Static and dynamic measurements,

  • Continuous running tests,

  • Measurements of leakages,

  • Evaluation with real gas values,

  • Standardized analysis,

  • Cycle tests required by VDA (German Association of the Automotive Industry):

  • 70 hrs / cycle; 10 cycles = 700 hours plus off mode for full durability test

  • speed range 700 - 11000 rpm

  • Programmed on Lab-View with a free programmable automatic test sequences
Basic specifications:

  • Max. power: 11 kW
  • Cycle Type: hot gas cycle
  • Acceleration / brake time: < 5 s (0-100%rpm)
  • Max. compressor speed: 11000 rpm
  • CO2 mass flow rate: 20 - 500 kg/h
  • Min. inlet conditions: 7 bar (conforms -50°C)
  • Max. outlet pressure: 160 bar
  • Max. system temperature: 200°C
  • Test rig:
  • 1600x1200x2530 mm
  • 3600x3200x2530 mm
  • Control unit: 650x700x2000 mm
  • Weight: 1000 kg

  • Easy handling
  • Fast adjustment of working points by hot gas cycle
  • Different types of testing possible
  • Highest safety standard and safety certification (CE)
  • Test conditions according to VDA specifications
  • Fully automatic test procedures possible
  • Standardises test result evaluation for efficiencies, power consumption, mass flow...
  • Several upgrades possible

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