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The ZEROL® RFL-EP synthetic lubricant is based on specialty double end-capped polyalkylene glycol (PAG) technology, engineered specifically to operate under the high pressure/temperature conditions of CO2 compression. 

Technical specifications
  • Double end-capped PAG for optimised CO2 miscibility
  • Exceptional load bearing (EP) properties
  • Thermal, chemical and hydrolytic stability
  • Reduced water absorbance tendency
  • System component compatibility
  • High Viscosity Index/Low pour point
  • 3 viscosity grades:
                                                 - ZEROL® RFL 46-EP (ISO VG 46)
                                                 - ZEROL® RFL 68-EP (ISO VG 68)
                                                 - ZEROL® RFL 100-EP (ISO VG 100)

  • Maximises oil return to the compressor for system efficiency, without loss of hydrodynamic/boundary lubrication properties
  • Lubrication properties are not compromised even under elevated pressure & temperature conditions
  • Prolongs stable operating conditions, minimises sludge and deposit formation, reduces downtime and lowers maintenance costs
  • Minimised water ingress compared to alternate R744 technologies
  • Compatible with all metallic and elastomeric components commonly employed, for maximised system stability and extended life
  • Ensures high system efficiency and no compromise in lubrication at temperature extremes

  • Commercial refrigeration
  • Industrial refrigeration

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