Engineering and consultation services specialised in CO2

  • Provides leading engineering and consultation services to refrigeration industry
  • A global leader in CO2 technology
  • Works with suppliers and authorities on behalf of its clients


Frigo-Consulting is Switzerland‘s leading independent engineering company for refrigeration technology and a global leader in CO2 technology. In addition to supporting its clients as consultants, Frigo-Consulting represents your interests and deals with authorities and refrigeration companies (suppliers) as a client representative.


  • Independant company providing most innovative and sustainable tailored solutions
  • Well aquainted with all available technologies, bringing the client the most efficient and cost effective solution
  • Extenisve experience


  • Concept engineering and troubleshooting
  • Determining the energy, service and media requirements
  • Coordinating the refrigeration with the other HVAC building intallations
  • Incorporating the refrigeration systems into the energy concept
  • Creating plans and documentation for tenders
  • Systematically comparing bids
  • Risk analysis
  •  ... etc.
About Frigo-Consulting

Frigo-Consulting Ltd. has sites in Bern (headquarters), Dietikon (Zurich) and Crissier (Lausanne). Four new subsidiaries were established under Frigo-Consulting International Ltd. in 2014 in Vicenza (Italy), Torun (Poland), Bucharest (Romania) and Madrid (Spain). The highly successful company executes a wide range of projects for renowned clients and employs more than 20 qualified specialists, each with exceptional ability, specific expertise and longstanding experience. And all this since 1988.


Brochure: Frigo-Consulting 100% reliable and at the forefront of technology

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