• Double temperature range (refrigeration and freezer or air conditioning and freezer)
  • Large, walk-in (machine room) condensing unit


Green & Cool has developed a new outdoor CO2 double temperature compressors range with integrated gas cooler/condenser for refrigeration and freezer or freezer and air conditioning.

Technical specifications

  • Double temperature range
  • Large-size weather protected outdoor unit
  • Integrated gas cooler/condenser
  • high/low or medium/low temperature (combination of two temperature ranges)
  • Swept volume high/medium temperature: 1,12 – 159,42 m3/h
  • Swept volume low temperature: 1,12 – 79 m3/h
  • Max number of compressors 6+3


  • Heat exchanger on the warm side
  • Liquid cooled evaporator and gas cooler on HT /MT-side
  • Communication with other monitoring systems: Danfoss, Carel, Wurm, RDM etc.


  • Different sizes and configurations for all needs
  • Monitoring and Web server included
  • COP alarm included
  • "Plug-and-play" installation
  • Outdoor unit saving indoor space
  • Especially suitable for convenient stores, supermarkets, gasoline stations, restaurants & catering, hotels, hospitals and industrial use (e.g. pharmaceutical industry)


  • Air conditioning
  • Commercial refrigeration
  • Industrial refrigeration



Crystal CLU 

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