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Everything R744


R744.comTM is your interactive platform covering "everything R744" in Mobile Air Conditioning (MAC), Refrigeration, Heat Pumps, and other applications.

What can I find on R744.comTM?

The website will keep you abreast of all developments on the natural refrigerant R744 (CO2) in a user-friendly way. It provides:

is a user-friendly information HUB keeping you up to date on all developments relating to the natural refrigerant R744 (CO2) . It provides:

  • news regarding [pertaining to] the use of R744 worldwide
  • Components, Systems & Engineering Services for R744 mobile and stationary heating, cooling, and refrigeration systems
  • Policies & legislation worldwide
  • Upcoming conferences & events
  • Papers database & Frequently Asked Questions about CO2 in different applications
  • An interactive online community to find business and project partners, share best practices, discuss technical issues and exchange ideas about the use of R744
  • A gateway to the global natural refrigeration community

Who should use

  • Engineers from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and system / component suppliers developing CO2 systems
  • Retailers and end-users looking for sustainable refrigeration systems
  • Public Authorities worldwide
  • Media and NGOs following climate change and environmental technologies
  • Anyone with an interest in environmentally safe heating, cooling and refrigeration systems for automotive, industrial, commercial, and residential applications

How did start?

Facing the market's increasing need for more information on CO2 technology, shecco® decided to launch this portal. With the support of OBRIST Engineering, shecco took the initiative to provide an open platform for all those interested in the technological, economic and environmental benefits of R744.

Where are we today?

Since its launch, over 60 companies and research institutes have joined as Partners (as of September 2011). As pioneers in CO2 technology, they are actively involved in the development of this collaborative platform. We encourage and welcome more partners to join!

Over the years, has furthermore built an active online community with over 6,000 members that exchange information, look for business opportunities and engage in lively discussions.

From October 2011 onwards, the community serves as gateway to the first global online natural refrigerant community, bringing experts in CO2 technologies together in the effort to bring natural refrigerants faster to market.

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