Next green store with CO2 opens in Australia

By team, Apr 16, 2009, 13:10 1 minute reading

After Australia's first transcritical system showed the way in the Angle Vale Drakes Supermarket, a new Foodland IGA store has now opened in Adelaide, Australia. The store, acclaimed to be one of the nation’s greenest ones, features CO2 refrigeration as one of its environmental attributes.

The Fairview Park Foodland IGA store has been designed to be one of the greenest in Australia, as it includes a range of initiatives that aim to reduce its environmental impact. What is more, the store located in Adelaide's north-eastern suburbs, constitutes a rethink on the traditional supermarket in the sense that central to its design was customer convenience.

“We truly believe this supermarket will redefine Australian supermarkets in the future,” said General Manager Mike Rutherford.

The environmental features of the store include:
  • top of the range CO2 refrigeration
  • enclosed refrigeration units for better temperature control and energy efficiency
  • use of natural light
  • low energy sensor and timer lighting
  • use of sustainable materials
  • cardboard takeaway cartons rather than plastic
  • stormwater reuse
  • plastic bag free checkouts

About Foodland IGA Australia

Foodland stores are local, independently operated, family owned supermarkets. The majority of the $750 million spent in Foodland stores every year stays in the local economy.

IGA (Independent Grocers Alliance) was founded in America in 1926 and represents an alliance between wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers. IGA was brought to Australia in 1988 when 10 stores initially became members of IGA.

IGA and Foodlands share


By team (@r744)

Apr 16, 2009, 13:10

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