30% reduction in energy use for new CO2 transcritical supermarket in Lithuania 

By Janaina Topley Lira, May 13, 2014, 10:30 1 minute reading

One of the first and largest CO2 transcritical refrigeration systems in Lithuania and the Baltics has been successfully completed at new RIMI Hypermarket in Vilnius in March 2014. Compared to a typical HFC system, the CO2 technology uses around 30% less energy. At least four new CO2-only stores will be open in the Baltic States by the end of 2014.

With the intention of achieving additional energy savings, the "RIMI Hypermarket Domus Pro“ store in Vilnius, Lithuania has been equipped with an advanced refrigeration system using CO2 as a cooling agent, installed by Lithuanian-based company Rolvika. Thanks to the favourable climatic conditions in Lithuania, the CO2 technology saves around 30% in energy consumption compared to a similar R404A system.
More CO2 transcritical stores coming to the Baltics
The key drivers for retailers in the Baltic countries for introducing CO2 in their stores are the energy efficiency benefits as well as the upcoming restrictions on the use of R404A under the new F-Gas Regulation. However, the relatively high installation cost remains a barrier. Recently, the retailer RIMI decided to roll out CO2 in their new stores and plans to open at least 4 more such stores by end of 2014 and around 5 additional ones by 2016.
Currently, a CO2 transcritical refrigeration system is being designed and prepared for installation in a “RIMI Luize“ store in the city of Klaipėda, in Lithuania.
Key features of the system
The refrigeration system has a cooling capacity of 130kW for MT and 24kW for LT. The CO2 system includes the use of excess heat for water heating.  
The compressor unit and the cooler are controlled by the latest generation of electronic controller, especially developed for high-pressure refrigeration systems. The Remote control system "Connecty" is used for equipment operation, collecting a variety of data and performing fault prevention, and allows, if needed for 24/7 removal.
Some of the key companies that have participated in the project include:
  • Carel: CO2  compressor rack and cases controllers
  • SCM Frigo: CO2 compressor rack
  • Guentner: gas cooler and evaporators for coldrooms
  • Arneg: cabinets and freezers


By Janaina Topley Lira

May 13, 2014, 10:30

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