BMW chooses CO2 air conditioning, media reports

By team, Sep 05, 2007, 00:00 2 minute reading

As the first German carmaker, BMW has confirmed to a leading automotive news source that they will use CO2 (R744) as the refrigerant for their next-generation air conditioning systems. Other German brands are also expected to confirm their choice at next week's Frankfurt auto show.

Speaking to Automotive News Europe, BMW spokesman Rudi Probst confirmed that the manufacturer has chosen a CO2-based solution because the competing alternative was a chemical solution BMW was "not happy with technically." Although BMW did not reveal further details about the system to be used, the manufacturer is thus the first German carmaker to confirm their choice to the press. The decision is a logic step in BMW's efforts to develop more efficient and environmentally friendly car models.

BMW and other German carmakers are expected to officially confirm CO2 as their refrigerant choice at next week's Frankfurt auto show. So far, the auto industry association VDA has not commented on the subject, but BMW confirmed that all carmakers were "working together on the issue."


Suppliers awaiting decision for CO2

Leading global suppliers, such as Behr, Delphi, Denso, Valeo, and Visteon are awaiting the early refrigerant choice of the German car industry to end speculations about a market worth more than €5 billion in 2006. Facing a deadline that bans the current refrigerant R-134a from new cars in the EU from 2011 on, their choice is pressing to start the planning period necessary to comply with the law in time.

Suppliers are now positive that the German car industry will opt for CO2 (R744) as the most efficient and environmentally friendly solution available. Visteon’s Vice President, Nurdal Kuecuekkaya, once again confirmed to Automotive News Europe that CO2-based systems will be up to 25% more efficient than the best of today's R-134a systems.

Follow-up will report from the 62nd International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt next week with daily updates in a blog-style on all developments regarding CO2 Mobile Air Conditioning at this key event. BMW is expected to announce their refrigerant choice as part of their official press statement on Tuesday morning, 11 September.


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Sep 05, 2007, 00:00

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