Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-conditioning Europe introduces Q-ton heat pump

By Janet Thompson, Jul 31, 2013, 16:48 2 minute reading

With an industry leading COP of 4.3, MHIAE’s Q-ton air-to-water heat pump, which uses CO2 as the refrigerant, is ideal for satisfying the hot water requirements of hotels, care homes and leisure centers. One of the key features of the Q-ton is its ability to maintain high capacity and efficiency, even in cold conditions.

The Q-ton heat pump was released by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-conditioning Europe, a global leader in residential, commercial and industrial heating and cooling systems, in 2011 for commercial use. The heat pump absorbs ‘free’ heat from outdoor air, even at low temperatures, and an electricity powered CO2 compressor amplifies the free heat to generate hot water. Hot water can be produced using cheap night-time electricity and stored in a cylinder tank for day time use. Some of the Q-ton’s main advantages include high energy efficiency, as well as savings on running costs compared with traditional oil or gas boilers.

Basic specifications

  • Air-to-water heat pump for commercial use
  • Single unity capacity 30kW
  • Generates hot water at up to 90°C (without requiring an immersion heater)
  • Monobloc unity with CO2 as refrigerant
  • COP of 4.3

Efficiency in cold conditions

With its innovative CO2 two-stage compressor with a combination of rotary and scroll compression cycles, the Q-ton ensures greater operating performance in cold temperatures by increasing refrigerant circulation. In low ambient air temperatures, conventional products are often limited by inadequate performance, poor efficiency, and an inability to generate the required hot water volume.

The Q-ton can retain 100% capacity at temperatures down to -7°C. Even at extremely cold outdoor temperatures as low as -25°C, the Q-ton is capable of supplying 90°C hot water while maintaining a COP of over 2.3. At a COP of 2.3, the Q-ton outperforms traditional combustion boilers even when factors such as plant efficiency and power transmission efficiency come into play.

Q-ton has the world's first two-stage scroll-rotary, unrivalled efficient compressor, which makes the CO2 heat pump even more cost effective in responding to the increasing commercial heat pump demand," says Herve Mariage, Deputy Manager Heat Pump Sales Division

Q-ton, award winning technology

The Q-ton received the 2011 Fiscal Year grand prize for Excellence in Energy Efficiency and Conservation in the Products Category & the Business Model Category from The Energy Conservation Center, Japan (ECCJ). It also won the Fiscal Year 2011 technology award from the Japan Society of Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (JSRAE).

About Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-conditioning Europe

For over 80 years, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has been at the cutting edge of the development of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Today, MHIAE which is a subsidiary of MHI, focuses on achieving the highest levels of efficiency and reliability for its products, while also concentrating on environmental sustainability by using CO2 refrigerant. The company’s air-to-water heat pumps and award winning, large capacity centrifugal chillers are internationally recognised as some of the most energy efficient cooling systems available.



By Janet Thompson

Jul 31, 2013, 16:48

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