Sainsbury’s tests first small CO2 transcritical refrigeration system

By Simon Burkel, Jun 18, 2013, 14:48 2 minute reading

UK’s most environmentally friendly convenience store in Haslucks Green, Solihull, is testing Epta’s ECO2-Small CO2 system. It is the first small transcritical CO2 system used in a Sainsbury’s store, reducing carbon emissions by 33 per cent and minimising energy use for refrigeration. 

The new store recently opened by Sainsbury’s claims to be the greenest convenience store in the UK. By using CO2 as refrigerant and doors on all cases Sainsbury’s minimises it’s energy use for refrigeration and reduces carbon emissions by 33 per cent. According to Paul Crewe, Sainsbury’s head of sustainability, engineering and energy: “Sainsbury’s is currently trialing doors on fridges in a small number of stores to establish the true environmental benefits and understand how our convenience store customers feel about using them.” 
New CO2 system provides an important blueprint for further Stainsbury’s stores
In addition to the energy savings and carbon emission reduction, the transcritical CO2 system is well suited to convenience store-type locations and can be used externally or internally due to its very low noise output. The new CO2 system might serve as a role model. 
Paul Crewe said, “We will be monitoring its performance closely over the coming months and hope it will provide an important blueprint for future Sainsbury’s Local stores.”
CO2 refrigeration system helps to achieve carbon emissions reduction target
The new refrigeration system is helping Sainsbury’s to achieve its carbon emissions reduction target of 30 per cent absolute by 2020. In addition to the Epta ECO2-Small CO2 refrigeration system, the new store uses cutting edge technology normally not seen in a store of its size. This includes:
  • 42 solar panels, generating electricity (10.5 kWp photovoltaic solar panels delivering around 9,000 kWh/annum), 
  • Double glazing, leading to a 30 per cent reduction in heat requirement Highly energy efficient LED lighting.  
These technologies converted the former tanning salon and metal fabricators workshop into Britain’s most environmentally friendly convenience store.
Sainsbury’s now has 530 convenience stores in the UK. Recently Sainsbury’s renewed its target to convert 250 stores of all sizes to natural refrigerant by 2014.


By Simon Burkel

Jun 18, 2013, 14:48

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