Dorin entered the field of refrigeration in 1932 with its first open-drive compressor range. Today, Dorin produces more than 70,000 compressors per year. Dorin has produced semi-hermetic compressors since 1957 and today they are the core business of the company.

Efficiency, reliability and robustness are the principle characteristics of their compressors which are ready to face the stringent challenges and requirements of the new millennium. Quality, Quality and Quality: this is Dorins' commitment.

To ensure the highest standards, the company has a wide range of field tests running. As safety is crucial for hydrocarbon compressors, Dorin decided also to wait a consistent amount of time to evaluate correctly these field test operations and to apply for ATEX approval, which provides the customer a very good and safe aknoledgement of the product they will use.



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