SANDEN presents the first combi-type CO2 heat pump tailored for Europe

By Silvia Scaldaferri, Feb 03, 2014, 14:20 3 minute reading

Designed and manufactured in France, the “Aquaeco2 Heat” CO2 heat pump by SANDEN is the first CO2 heat pump for both space heating and domestic water production adapted to the needs of European households. Thanks to the excellent performance of CO2 in hot water production, the heat pump can fulfil the special requirements of new low-energy buildings. 

SANDEN’s CO2 heat pump for combined water and space heating offers energy savings for European households thanks to its performance and the possibility to use in combination with off-peak electricity.

This revolutionary system, available in France since September 2013, has already been selected by a house builder to be installed in a new modular concept awarded by the Union of French Houses (Union des Maisons Françaises). This proves that CO2 heat pumps are an existing viable alternative to f-gases and they match the latest building codes requirements,” points out Sylvain Gillaux, Sales & Marketing Manager of SANDEN Europe. 

Especially suitable for new buildings with low temp. space heating

The new CO2 air-to-water combi-type heat pump is particularly suitable for new buildings with good insulation. These buildings have low energy demand for space heating, and domestic hot water production becomes the key energy-demanding factor.

With the hot water output temperature of 65°C, CO2 is extremely efficient in hot water production with a COP of 3.64 (certified EN16147 A7/W65°C). In order to increase the performance of CO2 for space heating, SANDEN Europe has invested in R&D and reached a COP of 2.92 (A7/W35°C) for space heating alone, which makes it suitable for low temperature heating, such as floor heating and low temperature heaters.

“Aquaeco2 Heat” operates 100% thermodynamically down to 1°C. Below 1°C outside, the CO2 heat pump keeps generating savings down to -15°C while the electric back-up completes the energy output to provide the best comfort in homes on the coldest days in winter.

Flexible installation & low maintenance

The CO2 air-to-water heat pumps for space heating and domestic hot water production comprises of three key parts:

  • CO2 heat pump unit
  • 200L hot water tank
  • Hydraulic module & control panel

There is flexibility for the installation of the heat pump, as the distance between the heat pump unit and the hot water tank can reach up to 12 meters. Thanks to the use of natural and safe CO2 refrigerant, the maintenance needs are lower as compared to an equivalent HFC heat pump.
Key “Aquaeco2 Heat” specifications

The heat capacity of the heat pump is 4.5 kW in comfort mode and 3.5kW in Eco mode. Some of the other key specifications include:

  • Temperature range: minimum -15°C, maximum : 43 °C
  • Maximum air flow: 800 m3 per hour
  • Electric back-up: 3 kW
  • R744 charge: 610g
  • Sound pressure: external - ≤ 40dB(A), internal - ≤ 40dB(A)
  • Electric alimentation: 230V ~ 50Hz


Since its creation, SANDEN has been fully committed to providing environmentally friendly solutions. Its corporate strategy focused on innovation has led the Group to pioneer in the fields of natural refrigerants. The company is at the forefront of the industry in the area of CO2 thermodynamics. SANDEN is now offering a varied range of CO2 systems with high performance, from domestic heat pumps to vending machines. Currently, SANDEN technical centres around the world are leading programmes on innovative CO2 applications.


By Silvia Scaldaferri

Feb 03, 2014, 14:20

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