Mostra Convegno 2014: new companies enter CO2 technology market

By Janaina Topley Lira, Mar 26, 2014, 16:45 3 minute reading

Organised at the Fiera Milan in Italy, MCE 2014 received 156,000 visitors, a 3% increase on the 2013 event. The “Efficiency and Innovation Path” (Percorso Efficienza & Innovazione) offered participants the chance to discover the most ground-breaking high energy efficiency solutions, including the Lamborghini CO2 air-to water heat pump for sanitary hot water. Also new this year was a Ener Frost CO2 refrigeration rack, whilst several companies made product dev

In addition to our reporting on the products showcased by partners, below we look at some of the other companies that showcased natural refrigerant solutions using CO2.
New CO2 heat pump products
At MCE 2014 Lamborghini Calor showcased their IPER CO2 HPE air-to-water CO2 heat pump for sanitary water heating. The high efficiency heat pump has a COP of 4.26, and can operate in extreme conditions, in outdoor temperatures as low as -20°C. The unit produces hot sanitary hot water up to 90°C, and is suitable for restaurants, hotels, residential complexes, sports complexes and hospitals.
On display at the GMCC booth was a CO2 heat pump heater compressor, which has a case pressure resistance that can reach 70MPa.
CO2 controllers 
A part of Emerson Climate Technologies Group, Dixell had on display their controllers for compressor racks, such as the XC1000D, for CO2 subcritical application management and designed for up to 15 compressors. Also on display was the iProRACK, designed for advanced compressor systems and also compatible with CO2.
Eliwell, a brand of the Invensys Controls Group, supplies electronic controllers and monitoring systems for commercial refrigeration units and air conditioning applications, including the V910 for CO2 cascade systems. The V910 module, on display at MCE 2014, integrates with EWCM EO for optimal control of heat exchanger electronic stepper expansion valve.
CO2 valves, filters and vibration eliminators
French company Carly has developed a series of refrigeration system components suitable for CO2, including the CRCY check valve, the RCY filter drier units, and the CONDOR liquid receiver with exchanger. The company expects to announce further CO2 developments at Chillventa 2014.
CO2 rack systems
Primarily a supplier of condensing units, such as the R744 sub-critical condensing unit, and unit coolers such as the R744 RSIX Ø 250, RSIX Ø 350, RCX Ø 250, and RCX Ø 350, Rivacold was also promoting their all-in-one 4Y system, an R744/R134a cascade system, able to supply medium and low temperature refrigeration and room cooling and heating. The single frame unit includes 2 circuits: one multicompressor circuit dedicated to MT for both refrigeration and air conditioning, and one circuit for LT refrigeration.
Under the company’s Ener Frost branded refrigeration units, Frigo System had on display two CO2 racks, one CO2-only refrigeration system, and one R290/R744 system. The CO2-only booster system provides LT and MT refrigeration, and has a cooling capacity at evaporation temperature -10°C of 17,2 kW and of 9.73 kW for evaporation temperature -35°C.
CO2 gas coolers and unit coolers
On display at Stefani’s booth was the new range of gas coolers for CO2, for industrial and commercial refrigeration applications. The series ranges in power from 10 to 300 kW, and has a maximum working pressure of 120bar and a maximum temperature of 150°C.
CO2 heat exchangers
The Taiwanese company Kaori produces brazed plate heat exchangers for CO2, as part of its C Series. Different models are available, such as the C040 - C042, the C095 –C097 and the C0200 – C0202, with maximum working pressures of 70 bar, 100 bar and 140 bar.  On display at MCE 2014 was the C042.
Turkish heat exchange specialist, Karyer, showcased their CO2 compatible evaporators, condensers and coils for refrigeration. Previously, at the 2012 MCE Karyer had introduced a range of DX-Evaporators to be used with R744, with a maximum operating pressure of 75 bar. 



By Janaina Topley Lira

Mar 26, 2014, 16:45

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