Hillphoenix to unveil first warm-climate CO2 transcritical installation at Sprouts Farmers Market, Georgia

By Silvia Scaldaferri, Jul 02, 2014, 10:35 3 minute reading

Scheduled to open 18 July 2014, in Dunwoody, Georgia, the Sprouts Farmers Market® will be the most southern transcritical CO2 booster system in North America, with the second closest located in Indianapolis, IN. Presented for the first time at ATMOsphere America 2014, Jeff Newel, Director of Research and Development at Hillphoenix, discussed the company’s pioneering CO2 booster technology by Advansor with 4 medium temperature (MT) compressors and 3 low

Typically implemented in northern climates, this system represents the first warm-climate transcritical CO2 refrigeration installation in North America. The 29,000 ft2 (2694m2) Sprouts supermarket required a refrigeration load of MT 550 kBtu/h and LT 67 kBtu/h and was looking for a system to reduce waste and its environmental impact.

BAC hybrid evaporative condenser, key to installation energy efficiency

In his presentation, Newel highlighted how the CO2 transcritical booster system design and the roof-mounted TrilliumSeries™ hybrid evaporative condenser will help Sprout’s save on energy consumption and resources.

The adiabatic gas cooler operates dry in cooler weather and with wet pads for pre-cooling in warmer weather, minimising the CO2 temperature exiting the gas cooler and thereby reducing energy consumption by 6%. The technology uses water only when required and as a result the system only uses one third of the water a traditional evaporative condenser would use. Lastly, no water treatment is required, and there is no wet coil; therefore, no scaling.

Several hundred BAC Trillium condensers have been installed in the US over the last year as customers realise the significant energy and refrigerant savings gained. The BAC Trillium condenser for transcritical CO2 now opens the door for southern US locations where CO2 can now be used economically. BAC constantly strives to offer the most innovative and environmentally friendly heat transfer technologies in the world,” said Paul Noreen, Director of Sales for North America at Baltimore Aircoil Company.
The BAC Trillium adiabatic gas cooler is a great compliment to the Hillphoenix Advansor Booster system in that it lowers the air entering the gas cooler close to the wet bulb temperature which allows the system to operate closer to 100% of the year in the subcritical region saving energy,” said Scott Martin, Director of Sustainable Technologies at Hillphoenix.

BAC Trillium Series has also been installed at a Roche Bros. store in Quincy, Massachusetts, compatible with both CO2 and ammonia and achieves energy savings of 190,535 kWh. View full article here.

Global trend in retailers switching to future-proof CO2 to replace HFCs

As presented at ATMOsphere America 2014, Kim Christensen, Managing Director and Director of Engineering at Advansor, said that the company currently has more than 1000 racks in 15 countries and has already installed 400 CO2 transcritical racks since the beginning of 2014. Christensen highlighted that the European market expects to see significant growth in demand for transcritical CO2 systems, estimating overall production to escalate from 1,700 CO2 transcritical racks in 2014, to nearly 6,000 racks in 2018. In comparison, the US and Canada only have 68 transcritical CO2 installations, with only 3 of these located in the US. The Sprouts Farmers Market supermarket in Georgia will be the fourth.

About Sprouts Farmers Market

Sprouts Farmers Market is an Arizona-based food retailer in expansion in the Southeast United States. Sprouts offers fresh, natural and organic foods including produce, bulk foods, vitamins and supplements, packaged groceries, meat and seafood, baked goods, dairy products, frozen foods, natural body care and household items. Recently named one of the top five supermarket chains by Consumer Reports and headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Sprouts employs more than 15,000 team members and operates more than 175 stores in ten states.

About Hillphoenix

Hillphoenix Inc., a Dover Company based in Conyers, Georgia, designs and manufactures commercial and industrial refrigeration systems and integrated power systems, commercial refrigerated display cases, specialty products and walk-in coolers and freezers. Hillphoenix is a leading American manufacturer of CO2 equipment.

About Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC)

As a leader in energy efficient heat transfer technology, Baltimore Aircoil Company strives to provide customers with industry leading product solutions for their application needs. Within the global food chain, BAC provides value by reducing system energy requirements through highly efficient evaporative or adiabatically cooled equipment.


By Silvia Scaldaferri

Jul 02, 2014, 10:35

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