Coca Cola Japan: 60,000 super saving CO2 vending machines installed; fleet to be completely HFC-free by 2020

By Jan Dusek, Aug 11, 2014, 17:16 2 minute reading

Coca Cola Japan has announced it has already installed 60,000 units of its super saving CO2 vending machines. The company aims to reach 83,000 units on the market by the end of the second year, doubling the rate of installations in the first year. By 2020, the company’s vending machine fleet will be completely HFC-free and more than 50% of the fleet will consist of super saving CO2 vending machines.

A festive ceremony attended by presidents of Coca Cola Japan and Coca Cola East Japan, among others, took place at the end of July, where leaders of Coca Cola in Japan announced the latest achievements and new targets related to installations of the “super saving” CO2 vending machine (VM) in Japan.

In August 2012, reported on the development of “super saving” CO2 VM to address the problem of peak electricity shortages in Japan. Two years after, Coca Cola Japan and its eight bottling companies announced that the first 60,000 “peak-shift” VM were delivered to the domestic market. Since 2012, Coca Cola Japan has invested more than ¥ 20 billion (€ 146 million) into peak electricity consumption reduction VM technology. Moreover, this investment is set to continue, as peak-shift VM are an important part of Coca Cola Japan’s sustainability plan.

New target for 2014: 83,000 super saving VM in the market

The installation of super saving peak-shift VM surpassed the 12% target for the first year with 28,000 units delivered to market in 2013. The cumulative target for 2014 was revised upwards from 73,000 to 80,000 by the end of the year.

Big plans for 2020: 50% of fleet comprised of super saving CO2 VM

Tim Brett, the president of the Japan Business Unit, appointed to the role in January 2013 and responsible for the company’s operations throughout Japan, spoke at the ceremony about Coca Cola’s plans for 2020. According to Brett, more than half of the company’s fleet in 2020 will consist of CO2 vending machines based on the peak-shift technology. Moreover, the whole feet is scheduled to be HFC-free by 2020.

Tokyo Olympics 2020 are an important milestone and unique opportunity for Japanese companies to focus on building its mid- long-term sustainability plans. It can be expected that other major consumer brands and technology suppliers will follow suit and increase efforts in installing environmentally friendly and energy efficient natural refrigerant based technologies.


In summer 2012, Coca Cola Japan and its main vending machine manufacturer for Japan, Fujitsu Electric, announced results of their cooperation on project “Apollo”. The newly developed type of vending machine A011 based on the latest CO2 technology able to significantly shift the electricity consumption to night hours.

By using vacuum heat resistance materials, which reduce the release of cold air during dispensing and by pre-cooling the content at night when the energy supply is abundant, the A011 can significantly reduce its electricity consumption during the day. For up to 16 hours the electricity consumption can be reduced by up to 95%.


By Jan Dusek

Aug 11, 2014, 17:16

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