Teko to Offer 'Real’ Booth at Virtual Trade Show

The German OEM will discuss its natural refrigerant systems via video chat from a booth created at its factory.

Teko's four booths at the Virtual Trade Show

German OEM Teko will have four virtual booths at the Virtual Trade Show on natural refrigerants starting Tuesday – and one "real“ booth as well.

The Virtual Trade Show, featuring 77 exhibitors and more than 2,500 attendees, will take place live around the world over a 24-hour period on September 1-2. shecco, publisher of this website, is hosting the event. It is free to attend, and interested parties can register here.

Teko’s real booth is located at its factory, where Teko representatives will showcase the company’s CO2 systems via video chat with show attendees who visit the company’s virtual booths and click on an avatar of a Teko employee. 

The four virtual booths, located in a separate hall at the Virtual Trade Show, each address a different part of Teko’s business: retail, light industrial, industrial, and retail control electronics made by Wurm Systems, with which Teko is a sales partner.

"We put up a real booth in our factory to serve you and [communicate] with you,“ said a Teko representative in a video running in the Teko hall. "This is very important for us, especially this year as we are all having to deal with COVID-19.“

Teko’s systems have capacities ranging from 1kW to 3MW (.28- 853TR), with most using CO2 refrigerant, but some employing ammonia (NH3) or propane (R290).

Teko will present at its factory booth three of its CO2 systems, ROXSTAG6, ROXSTAsmart, ROXSTAcube mini, noted Nadine Neuberger, Head of Marketing / Management Assistant. At the show, the company will provide a preview of a new CO2 chiller, ROXSTAchill, which is under development.

Supermarkets and food production

Designed for large supermarkets and hypermarkets, the ROXSTAG6 transcritical CO2 system also covers “many requirements in the field of food production and logistics,” says a Teko product release. The system offers medium-temperature (to -5°C/23°F) capacities of 207 to 550kW (58.9-156.4TR) using three to six transcritical CO2 compressors.  It offers low-temperature (to -30 °C/-22°F) capacities of 20 to 490kW (5.7-139.3TR) using up to five subcritical CO2 compressors. Additional features include parallel compression and ejectors.

The ROXSTAsmart transcritical CO2 system is designed for supermarkets up to 2,500m2 (26,910ft2). It offers medium-temperature capacities from 28 to 150kW (8-42.7TR), and low-temperature capacities of 3 to 43kW (.9-12.2TR). It includes a flash gas/suction gas heat exchanger for low and medium temperatures.

The ROXSTAcube mini transcritical CO2 system is suited for discount/organic shops up to 1,000m2 (10,764ft2). Serving medium-temperature cabinets and one or two cold rooms, it delivers medium-temperature capacities of 19 to 65kW (5.4-18.5TR) and low-temperature capacities of 3 to 9kW (.9-2.6TR)

The ROXSTAchill air-cooled CO2-water/glycol chiller is designed for outdoor installation in industrial cooling applications, according to a Teko preview document. These include medium-temperature (– 4 to -8°C/24.8-17.6°F) cooling capacities of 150 to 520kW (42.7-147.9TR); air conditioning (12 to 7°C/53.6-44.6°F) capacities of 215 to 700kW (61.1-199TR); and process cooling (20 to 15°C/68-59°F) capacities of 260 to 860kW (73.9-244.5TR). It features efficiency-enhancing ejectors.

This is very important for us, especially this year as we are all having to deal with COVID-19."
– Teko

By Michael Garry

Aug 29, 2020, 16:16

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