Canadian firm launches supermarket CO2 system

By team, Jun 17, 2009, 15:04 1 minute reading

Canada-based firm CSC Group has launched its CO2 refrigeration system for commercial applications. The system, which has already been installed in grocery stores in Quebec, features heat recovery technology that allows for a reduction in operating cost, as well as direct and indirect GHG emissions.

Last week, Canada-based firm CSC Group, known for its patented technological platform called SMARTREF, officially launched its “Eco2-System”, a CO2-based, patented, highly efficient refrigeration system that permits a major reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. “A few of these systems are already being installed in some grocery store supermarkets in Quebec”, the press release reveals.

Eco2-System includes heat recovery process

Besides the marked reduction in GHGs that the use of natural refrigerant R744 allows for, further reductions in both energy costs and GHGs are achieved through a heat recovery process added to the Eco2-System that allows food retailers to eliminate the need for a traditional heating system.

"Based on the fact that there are about 6,500 grocery retailers in Canada, we can estimate that if they all used the Eco2-System from the CSC Group, we could experience a decrease in GHG equivalent to taking two million cars off the road," says Mr. Dubé, President of the CSC Group.

Eco2-System enables operating and maintenance cost reductions

In addition to its major environmental advantage, the Eco2-System enables users to benefit from substantial operating and maintenance cost reductions over competitive systems. Compared to other systems, the Eco-System:
  • permits a significant decrease in energy consumption through the elimination of heating bills
  • uses 5 times less refrigerant
  • uses refrigerants that are 10 times less costly
  • generates maintenance fees, which are 30% less costly


By team (@r744)

Jun 17, 2009, 15:04

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