Watch our CO2 video coverage from China Refrigeration 2017

Natural refrigerant CO2 was discussed extensively at China Refrigeration 2017. Watch our coverage here!

China Refrigeration 2017 took place at Shanghai New International Expo Centre on 12-14 April

China Refrigeration 2017, held this year at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre on 12-14 April, celebrated its 30th anniversary, setting attendance records with more than 60,000 visitors and featuring over 1,800 exhibitors.

HVAC&R industry stakeholders and representatives from China as well as around the world gathered in Shanghai, China over three days to exhibit the latest technology and to discuss the current state of China’s refrigeration industry amid the country’s rapid HCFC phase-out initiatives. had a quick chat with some of the attendees.

Interview with Bill Feng, General Manager: Sales and Marketing, Great China Region, Bitzer

Bill Feng discusses Bitzer’s CO2 compressors and his thoughts on the market for CO2 refrigeration in China.

Interview with Enrico Faccio, General Manager, RefComp Compressor Division, Fujian Snowman

Enrico Faccio presents Fujian Snowman’s CO2 compressors for commercial applications at China Refrigeration 2017.

Interview with Rüdiger Rudischhauser, Vice-President Sales International, Fujian Snowman

Rüdiger Rudischhauser presents Snowman’s SRH high-pressure ammonia and CO2 screw compressor heat pump at China Refrigeration 2017.

Interview with Massimo Casini, International Sales Manager, Dorin

Massimo Casini discusses Dorin's transcritical CO2 compressor for industrial applications at China Refrigeration 2017.

Interview with Antonio Sepe, Product Manager, Castel

Antonio Sepe discusses Castel’s high-pressure CO2 valves at China Refrigeration 2017.

By Devin Yoshimoto

Apr 25, 2017, 06:30

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