R744.com welcomes Colmac Coil as new Bronze Partner

By R744.com team, Jun 28, 2016, 09:29 2 minute reading

Colmac Coil Manufacturing, Inc., an American heat transfer expert, joins R744.com as a Bronze Partner to showcase its CO2 expertise in a number of products including the A+Series™ air coolers, custom evaporators, blast freezers and more.

Since the 1970s, Colmac Coil has evolved into a world-class manufacturer of heat transfer technology by providing innovative solutions, value engineering, flexible production capability, and individual customer attention.

Colmac Coil can assist with everything from providing replacement HVAC coils to accurately sizing coils for any air heating or cooling application. The company manufactures new and replacement plate fin heating and cooling coils, dry coolers, air-cooled condensers, and heat pipe air-to-air heat exchangers for the commercial, industrial, and heat transfer markets.

Colmac Coil’s product line includes the A+ Series™ air coolers capable of utilising CO2 as a working fluid. Other products include custom evaporators, unit coolers, blast freezers, tube bundles, and hydrocoolers in the commercial and industrial refrigeration markets. 

R744 advancing in the US

As CO2 refrigerant quickly gains ground in the United States, all Colmac Coil products that utilise an evaporator can be built for use with CO2 (R744), including the Colmac A+ Series™ air coolersblast freezershydrocoolers, and bare coils for freezers and air handlers. Evaporators can be designed for pumped, DX, or brine operation to be compatible with all system types; transcritical or subcritical, cascade or single stage.

Moreover, the company offers a variety of quality, safety, and performance certifications on selected products (ASME Section VIII, AHRI-410, CRN, CSA, CE, PED, and UL). Quality inspections throughout the fabrication process, including leak testing of every heat exchanger, assure the customer of an uninterrupted supply of quality components.

Understanding that the future is crucially dependent on the success of its customers, Colmac Coil has developed an extensive sales representative network, management staff, and sales engineers that are committed to constant improvement in the development of new designs, manufacturing methods, and heat transfer technologies. 

More about Colmac Coil

Colmac Coil is a privately held, third-generation, family-owned company founded in 1971 that has grown to be one of the leading manufacturers in the new and replacement coil markets. Colmac Coil's 225,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility is located in Colville, Washington.

In 2009, Colmac Coil purchased the Aircoil™ evaporator line from Baltimore Aircoil Company. Colmac also purchased the former BAC manufacturing facility in Paxton, Illinois, which now manufactures the company’s complete product line. The Pacific Northwest location provides close proximity to west coast ports for shipping to Asian and Middle Eastern markets while the Midwest factory in Illinois has proven to be ideal for serving customers in the eastern US and Canada. 

In 2012, Colmac Coil opened a Regional Sales Office located in Guadalajara, Mexico accomplishing a strategic goal of having a local presence in Latin American.

By R744.com team (@r744)

Jun 28, 2016, 09:29

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