Australian CO2 system wins CoolWorld Award

By team, May 06, 2008, 00:00 2 minute reading

Australia’s first CO2 transcritical supermarket has been recognised as the “Refrigeration Installation of the Year” at a major trade show late April.

The country’s first transcritical supermarket refrigeration system running on CO2 only was awarded with the “GreenWorld Industry Award” as part of the biennal Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Buildings Services (ARBS) Trade Show on 21 April. In a ceremony attended by more than 300 experts from the RAC industry, the installation was recognised as a major step towards reducing the industry’s carbon footprint. Both the project initiator, the Green Cooling Council, as well as the Drakes Foodmarket using the system, and its contractor Hill Equipment, were awarded with the prize initiated by the “Climate Control News (CCN)” magazine – Australia’s major monthly publication for the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.

CCN Managing Editor Matt Porter, handing out the awards to nine winners in different categories, told the attendees that 7% of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions, or 22% of all electricity used, are resulting only from the operation of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. Therefore, the industry would need to live up to its promise to “leave no stone unturned to reduce its environmental footprint,” Porter said.

Overall, observers agreed that since Australia’s trade show ARBS has been first organised, the attention exhibitors give to CO2 and other natural refrigerants has steadily increased to reach a significant level.

--image1--About the Angle Vale Project

The first transcritical CO2-only system installed in the Southern Hemisphere has been running for five months in the Angle Vale Drake supermarket in Adelaide. So far, the system has worked reliably in worst summer conditions of up to 40°C, combining reduced power consumption with cost effectiveness.

About the Green Cooling Council

The Green Cooling Council, formerly known as the Natural Refrigerants Transition Board, was founded in 2003 to achieve a wider use of natural refrigerants by providing information and facilitating training on their best practice use. The organisation receives federal funding to coordinate a national fluorocarbon refrigerants reduction programme. The Angle Vale project is the first of five supermarkets using cascade and CO2-only systems.


By team (@r744)

May 06, 2008, 00:00

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