UPDATE: CO2 solutions vying to be “king of the hill” in old New York - 2014 AHR EXPO latest – Part 1

By Ginta Vanaga, Feb 03, 2014, 09:57 6 minute reading

In the words of Frank Sinatra’s old time classic “New York, New York”, it’s time to “Start spreading the news”: CO2 technologies are vying to become “Top of the list, head of the heap, king of the hill”, in the HVAC&R sector, with a number of high-end, innovative solutions on show at the 2014 AHR Expo. R744.com was on site to talk to those companies getting a head start in US CO2 market.

Organised at the Javits Center from the 21 - 23 January, the 2014 AHR EXPO was billed as one of the HVAC&R industry’s biggest events, and it did not disappoint. Over 1,900 exhibitors from 30 countries displayed thousands of the latest products for every HVAC&R application, including the R744.com Gold and Silver partners below.

Alfa Laval: On display at the Alfa Laval booth were the AXP brazed heat exchangers designed for CO2 refrigerants in subcritical and transcritical applications. With thin internal frames that withstand pressures of up to 130 bar (1,885 psi), the heat exchangers are suitable for CO2 suction gas heaters, oil coolers, evaporators, economizers, subcoolers and condensers. Thanks to the brazing material the plates are sealed and held together at the contact points – ensuring optimal heat transfer efficiency and pressure resistance.

Dorin: one of the world leaders in CO2 compressorss Dorin had two of their semi-hermetic CO2 compressors prominenlty on display at the Blissfield booth. Dorin utilises fluid dynamic optimisation for the internal vanes shape, high efficiency motors and high tech components to provide high EER values for the semi-hermetic product line.

CAREL: CAREL had also chosen to showcase their series of controllers designed for CO2 applications. Visible was the pR300 for subcritical CO2 applications, with double suction line compressor rack synchronisation (DSS) and advanced synchronisation between cascade heat exchanger electronic expansion valves and compressor rack controller through the EEVS (electronic expansion valves synchronisation). For transcritical applications CAREL showcased their pR300T for double heat recovery management with gas cooler bypass. The EEVS allows for direct control of the HP and Receiver valves and parallel compressor management on the high stage. For smaller applications with one or two compressors CAREL offers the pR100T.

Also displayed were CAREL’s MPXPRO and pCO controllers, and the exvsistema integrated and stand alone controllers with the following features:
  • CO2 transcritical algorithm
  • Defrost management
  • Drives up to two valves and shares one pressure probe between up to 5 devices
  • Embedded protectors to prevent system shutdown
  • Only four parameters to set (refrigerant, valve, probe type, application type)

Parker: Featured at the Parker booth was the company’s CO Series product offering, designed to withstand the extreme pressure of transcritical carbon dioxide (R744) systems while providing complete system protection in a compact design. The products are designed to handle the industry’s highest pressure capability with maximum rated pressure of 2,250 psig (UL file SA1756). A patent pending design uses an outer sleeve to provide the high pressure rating and reducing the weight of the product. According to the accompanying product press release, the added CO-080 models are ideal for refrigeration applications up to 10 tons and complement the CO-010 and -020 models that are ideal for vending machine and beverage dispensing equipment. 

Also on display were the XSP Series for secondary coolant CO2, including direct acting and hermetic valves which have no gaskets, thereby eliminating external leak sources, and secondary fluid valve and control.

Danfoss: With a prominent display about their CO2 expertise, Danfoss lays claim to the fact that 4 out of 5 stores globally choose Danfoss as their components supplier. According to Danfoss 40% energy savings are possible by applying Danfoss case controllers with adapative defrost and minimum superheat algorithms. What is more a 50% higher COP is possible thanks to Danfoss rack controllers with heat reclaim technology. Both controllers and valves were on show – discussed in further detail in a separate article about the Danfoss’ AHR EXPO presentation about CO2 transcritical technology.

Sanden: CO2 heat pump specialist Sanden displayed a number of their next generation CO2 products, including their CO2 refrigerant “Combi System”, a combined heat pump unit for space heating and domestic hot water (DHW) with a capacity of 36,000 or 40,000 BTUH. According to Sanden the heat pump runs at night for 5 hours producing an output of 15,000 to 20,000 BTUH, whilst the heat pump for space heating has an output of 36,000 or 40,000 BTUH, except when the water heater is running. Sanden is keen to enter the US market with their high efficiency CO2 heat pumps that feature Sanden engineered high efficiency compressor, component design and advanced system architecture.

Sanden’s booth featured Sanden’s micro channel aluminum heat exchanger technology for both evaporators and condensers, which feature high heat transfer performance, lighter weight, smaller volume, reduced refrigerant charge, and lower cost. Also visible were Sanden’s engineered and manufactured scroll or rotary compressors.

: Although not displaying any of their natural refrigerant technologies, Gold R744.com partner Carrier, was also present at the 2014 AHR EXPO in New York.

Bitzer: The Bitzer booth had on display two CO2 products, the UL approved 4CTC-30K transcritical CO2 compressor for use in supermarket booster systems and heat pump applications. The compressor features a variable frequency drive speed range from 30 – 70 Hz and a horsepower range from 10 – 30. Also on display was Bitzer’s CO2 receiver.

Emerson Climate Technologies: At the Emerson booth, the company’s extended range of components for CO2 booster systems were showcased, including the Copeland Semi-Hermetic CO2 compressor designed for CO2 transcritical refrigeration, and pressures up 120 bar (1750 psi). The compressor’s CoreSense technology onboard the associated motor control drive provides a proactive layer of protection for the compressor, which improves reliability and reduces the need for compressor related service calls. Also on display were the Copeland Scroll CO2 ZO compressors, which have 70% fewer moving parts than reciprocating designs, operating pressure up to 40 bar (560psi), low vibration and digital modulation available from 10-100%.

An interactive display also showcased each of the other Emerson components available for a CO2 booster system, including:
  • iProGenius high pressure controller: fully programmable controllers with high connectivity, able to control all refrigeration, heating, ventilation, electric power and all building automation services.
  • XM678 Case Controller: manages all aspects of a transcritical refrigeration case including lights, fans, defrost, heaters and expansion valve (superheat) control.
  • CX Bypass valve: acts as the expansion valve for the medium temperature and low temperature loads.
  • E2 Controller: responsible for synchronised compressor staging for the low and medium temperature racks, condensing / gas cooler control based on ambient temperatures and system pressures.

Henry Technologies: Displayed for the first time in the US, Henry Technologies, celebrating their 100th year, were proud to showcase their CO2 transcritical oil separator-reservoir, model STS-5398-CE, designed to withstand pressures up to 120 bar.

SWEP: Brazed plate heat exchanger specialist SWEP had a booth demonstrating their extensive CO2 capabilities, including for efficient hot water production using the B10T and the B16 DW, each with high capacity compact design, double wall for maximum safety, and reduced hold up volume. Also on show was the B9 AsyMatrix and the B26 designed for a typical 2-ton scroll compressor 16.3” tall.

Grundfos: Although not displaying any of their natural refrigerant technologies, Silver R744.com partner Grundfos was also present at the 2014 AHR EXPO in New York.


By Ginta Vanaga

Feb 03, 2014, 09:57

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