Energy efficiency with the Gregal display cabinet by Frost-Trol

By Janet Thompson, Mar 27, 2013, 12:21 2 minute reading

With a focus on energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, Frost-Trol has designed the Gregal display cabinet, a vertical multi-deck available with both straight and rounded edges, featuring special design qualities, as well as optimisation of transcritical CO2 operations. Gregal is part of the frostCO2 line, whose technology has already been implemented in more than thirty retail stores.

Since 2005, environmental preservation and energy efficiency have been at the center of Frost-Trol’s Research and Development policy. After a few years of intensive research, Frost-Trol installed its first frostCO2 technology in a Denmark supermarket in 2008. Two years later, over 30 stores throughout Denmark and the Netherlands had implemented the Frost-Trol’s new energy efficient, environmentally friendly technology.

Gregal cabinets’ basic specifications

Gregal cabinets are used in supermarkets for the preservation of meat, fish, dairy products, delicatessen, fruits and vegetables.
  • Available in 4 different versions and different temperature ranges
  • Optimised for transcritical CO2 operations in high ambient temperatures
  • User friendly controls
  • Possibility of combining different interior and exterior colors, lighting without shadows, display gable ends, etc.

View Gregal cabinet product brochure

Frost-Trol’s experts explained that the FrostCO2 line cabinets are popular, especially in northern European countries such as Denmark, Germany and the United Kingdom. Over the last few years, they have noticed an increase in the demand for these types of products and expect that the demand will continue to rise as customers look for products that are more environmentally friendly, which will help them improve their corporate image as well as reduce their energy consumption.

Why CO2?

In addition to being environmentally friendly, CO2 is also cost efficient, non-toxic and safe for handling. Furthermore, CO2 has a higher volumetric capacity than other traditional refrigerants, so the components used in the system, such as piping, compressors, heat exchangers, etc., can be much smaller in size.

Frost-Trol technology: Optimised for warmer climates

The transcritical CO2 system is more efficient when operating in the supercritical range than in the subcritical range. For this reason, it is most widely used in regions where ambient temperatures are frequently below 31°C. To mitigate the negative effects of CO2 vapor compression refrigeration systems, operating under transcritical conditions, in regions with high ambient temperatures, such as in Mediterranean countries, Frost-Trol has developed an innovative new system. By combining the use of CO2 with Frost-Trol’s patented NCA-System (Non Cold Aisle system), the new system is able to perform efficiently under different ambient conditions. The system underwent several tests in Frost-Trol’s laboratory, and results indicated a 45% reduction in the heat extraction rate, as well as a 2K increase in evaporation temperature compared to an R404a refrigerant system.

About Frost-Trol

Since 1957, Frost-Trol has specialised in the design, manufacture and commercialisation of refrigerated cases for the sale of perishable food. The company supplies both supermarket and plug-in cabinets to the European and International markets. Frost-Trol works closely with its customers to minimise their initial investment costs and maximise their profits while developing optimal solution that increase energy savings and promote environmental sustainability.


By Janet Thompson

Mar 27, 2013, 12:21

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