Green & Cool: successful transcritical CO2 systems in the Netherlands

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With many years of experience in CO2 commercial refrigeration, the Swedish manufacturer Green & Cool was the first choice for a Dutch engineering company to meet the increasing demand for CO2 refrigeration in the Netherlands.

The cooperation between Green & Cool and Assumburg Koeltechniek started already a few years ago and has already led to three transcritical installations at DekaMarkt supermarkets, that are part of a leading retail company in the Netherlands. Assumburg Koeltechniek has also installed Green & Cool's combined chiller and freezer unit Crystal at Dutch supermarket chain Vomar Voordeelmarkt. With a total of 200 installations of transcritical CO2 systems across Europe, Green & Cool could play at its strengths to meet the specific needs of the partner.

Smart software and cost-saving system

Besides a highly efficient complete refrigeration system, the engineers of Assumburg Koeltechniek were looking for a user-friendly control system that offers a comprehensive and reliable surveillance of the establishment. With GREENCO2NTROL, a software developed by Green & Cool, they found a unique and functional solution, offering also the possibility of remote control/steering, which avoids the need for a PC on site or any additional cooling or UPS system.

The refrigeration systems now installed at various DekaMarkt stores in the Netherlands is the Green & Cool Crystal, which in this case is equipped for extra hot gas desuperheat heat reclaim. The Crystal is a combined chiller and freezer unit, with up to six medium temperature (MT) compressors and three low temperature (LT) compressors. It is a popular model as only one unit can fulfil the complete MT/LT need, resulting in a lower total cost and an improved COP thanks to the LT side. With a maximum pressure of 60 bar, the system can stand a temperature rise longer than a 40 bar system in case of power outage, resulting in less damage and costs.

Technical specifications Crystal DX:
  • Design temp. (oC) MT-side: -10 to +32
  • Design temp. (oC) LT-side: -37
  • Swept volume: 8,6 - 75,6 m3/h
  • Type of construction: combined chiller and freezer unit
  • System: direct expansion on the evaporator side and gas cooler side
  • Product range: available in up to 6 compressors in MT-side and 3 compressors in LT-side
About Green & Cool

Green & Cool is one of the leading manufacturers of environmental friendly refrigeration systems for supermarkets, convenience stores, the food industry, air conditioning, industrial processes, and heat pumps. With more than 200 transcritical units already operating or currently under construction in Europe, the manufacturer is recognised as the leading supplier of CO2 systems in Nordic countries and Switzerland.


By team (@r744)

Dec 21, 2010, 10:05

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