Coming soon: Knudsen Køling's transcritical CO2 compressor pack systems

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The highly experienced manufacturer and product developer of complete solutions for supermarkets has already installed over 70 CO2 boosters systems in Denmark. As a new Bronze Partner Knudsen Køling will soon add its HFC-free compressor pack systems based on CO2 technology to the database.

With over 40 years of experience in the field of refrigeration equipment, Knudsen Køling specialises in tailor made products. Based in Denmark the company has developed HFC-free compressor pack systems based on CO2 technology since 2000.

As Denmark has been at the forefront of promoting the use of climate-friendly CO2 refrigerant, also Knudsen Køling helped to accelerate this development. Already before the general ban of HFCs in Denmark for new installations in January 2007, the company implemented a rapid technological shift. They decided that CO2 was the best option due to its environmental as well as performing advantages. The company’s clients have made this decision already a commercial success and about 80% of Knudsen Køling’s cabinet production now uses CO2 as a refrigerant. Recognising that there is a huge market in other countries moving in the same legal direction as Denmark, the company is now expanding its innovative technology also to the global market.


“We can conclude that our transcritical CO2 systems has helped us to meet the legal requirements, protected the environment and given us a great commercial success,” says Finn Christensen, Research and Development Manager at Knudsen Køling.

Product range

Knudsen Køling is producing, developing, installing and servicing commercial refrigerated commercial equipment. Currently, there are 70 transcritical CO2 booster installations running in Denmark that have been designed, dimensioned and produced by Knudsen Køling.

Besides the pack systems and plug-in display cabinets for supermarkets, the Danish manufacturer is also developing solutions for industrial cold storage and air-conditioning.

Successful CO2 project with the Danish Technological Institute

Already in 2007, a project together with the Danish Technological Institute (DTI) led to the prototype installation of transcritical CO2 system in a Danish supermarket. Many of the theoretical advantages of the systems proved to be viable in practice: The system operated as reliable and functional as conventional HFC system but even safer. In addition, service costs are potentially 15% lower because of the use of the inexpensive refrigerants. But most importantly the impact of global warming is diminished by 50% whereas the remaining impact comes from generating the electricity to run the system.


By team (@r744)

Jul 01, 2010, 10:40

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