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Challenging CO<sub>2</sub> efficiency in high ambient temperatures

Challenging CO2 efficiency in high ambient temperatures

3 December 2015
A new store recently open in Murcia, Spain combines CO2 and hydrocarbon (R290) refrigeration systems; solutions becoming common practice in the food retail sector as natural refrigerants help address the Spanish f-gas...

Australian refrigeration industry urges its government to...

2 December 2015 | RAC plus
Australian Refrigeration Association submission calls for F-Gas-style legislation to reduce emissions and encourage low-GWP replacement, especially naturals.Unusually for a national cooling industry, the Australian in...

COP21: Paris conference could be climate turning point, s...

2 December 2015 | BBC News
US President Barack Obama has said the UN climate conference in Paris could be a "turning point" in global efforts to limit future temperature rises.Negotiators from 195 countries will try to reach a deal within two w...
Contractor Goes to School on CO<sub>2</sub>

Contractor Goes to School on CO2

1 December 2015
In November’s special training edition of Accelerate America, AAA Refrigeration Service talked about stepping up its training programme to encompass CO2 technology to meet the needs of supermarkets installing tr...

New transcritical CO2 system inaugurated in Buenos Aires

27 November 2015 | Carel
A new commercial refrigeration system using CAREL technology has been recently inaugurated at a Walmart supermarket in Buenos Aires. This transcritical CO2 system is result of the long-term partnership between EPTA an...
Second CO<sub>2</sub> ice rink completed in Alaska

Second CO2 ice rink completed in Alaska

26 November 2015
The municipality of Anchorage, Alaska, is now home to the second ice rink in the nation using CO2, again with Hillphoenix’s advanced system, following the first conversion at the Harry J. McDonald Recreational C...

Industry debate final options for ozone review

25 November 2015 | Climate Control News
There has been plenty of fiery debate surrounding the release of an Options Paper by the Federal Government as part of its review of the Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Act.As part of the cons...
EPA proposing updates to Refrigerant Management Program

EPA proposing updates to Refrigerant Management Program

25 November 2015
On 19 November, Rebecca von dem Hagen, the newest member of the EPA’s Greenchill Partnership team, hosted a webinar on the future changes to the National Refrigerant Management Program.
Hiber reaping CO<sub>2</sub> transcritical dividends

Hiber reaping CO2 transcritical dividends

25 November 2015
At Supermercados Hiber, energy efficiency and environment are key players in the company’s decisions. In 2012, Hiber had the first store in Spain using only CO2 as refrigerant and in 2014 made history with the f...

Sanden CO2 heat pump water heater named as top products f...

25 November 2015 | BuildingGreen
Standard heat pumps use hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants such as R410a, which has a 100-year global warming potential (GWP) greater than 1,700. Though they work well, these refrigerants also typically do not creat...
UPDATE: What future lies for the Spanish F-gas tax?

UPDATE: What future lies for the Spanish F-gas tax?

20 November 2015
Spain’s senate has endorsed an amendment to the 2016 General State Budget Bill approving the extension of reduced tax level on fluorinated gases in 2016. As a result, the tax level will remain the same as in 201...

Industry to challenge Defra on DIY use of R134a refrigera...

19 November 2015 | RAC News
European trade body MACpartners says its is ‘gravely concerned’ at the apparent about turn for DIY R134a top-ups in the UK, which it says directly contradicts the EU MAC Directive.MACpartners has vowed to ...

Paris steps up security for United Nations climate confer...

19 November 2015 | LA Times
In less than two weeks the United Nations climate change conference viewed by many as the most important global environmental summit in years will welcome the world’s most powerful leaders and heads of state, in...
Parker Electronic Valve (PEV)
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  • Suitable for the industrial refrigeration market
  • Ideal for ammonia and applications that require an increased pressure range such as CO2 refrigeration

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Sanden Set to Expand CO<sub>2</sub> Compressor Market

Sanden Set to Expand CO2 Compressor Market

19 November 2015
The Japanese compressor maker behind Coca-Cola’s global conversion to CO2 vending machines and coolers, Sanden is gearing up production in China to support other end users of the natural refrigerant

Nestlé executive: ‘We are all facing risks o...

18 November 2015 | Euractiv
Climate change is confronting the European food sector with an unprecedented risk related to supplies of agricultural raw materials, warns Pascal Gréverath.Pascal Gréverath is Head of Environmental Susta...
U.S. government working to procure environmentally friend...

U.S. government working to procure environmentally friend...

16 November 2015
In a webinar hosted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on 10 November, Bella Maranion from EPA presented federal sector leadership to reduce HFC emissions through procurement. Special focus was given to the a...

Carrefour continues to support SMEs for commitment to inn...

16 November 2015 | EPR Retail News
On 3 November, Carrefour staged the second edition of the SME Awards, an event designed to reward 12 companies for which innovation, sustainable development and curbing climate change are all central to their gro...

Cold fact is that transporting food can become less harmf...

16 November 2015 | Portland Press Herald
In “Food Foolish,” authors and cold chain industry veterans John Mandyck and Eric Schultz connect the dots between cold chain technologies, food waste, world hunger and greenhouse gas emissions.   G...